Our services


Technical User Support

For more than 40 years, our Technical User Support (TUS) has supported you in carrying out your special tool projects.
Drawing on this experience, TUS collaborators made these tools to best meet your machining needs. Performance, technicality, complexity, constraints, coating, machined materials… are among the many factors taken into account when studying your projects.
We can thus meet the needs of industrialists in precision mechanics, aeronautics, automobiles, railways, subcontracting, etc.

Tool management

Our Tool Management service guides you in the technical and economic management of your machining operations and your tool «park».
Their expertise allows you to optimize and master the management of your cutting tools. Indeed, cutting tools have a significant impact in the management of industrial costs (productivity, availability, consumption, replenishment time, etc.).

Research & development service

As a partner of the SUNI technology platform at ENS Rennes, we have extensive testing and investigation facilities. Our participation in collaborative projects allows the development of new innovative machining solutions.
Thus we develop tools dedicated to new materials.
We are constantly looking to improve the performance and lifetime of the tools.

Flash service

Thanks to the implementation of dedicated processes and our responsiveness, we can offer you a speedy service. This service realizes quickly your specific tools to respond to your emergencies.

Reamers checklist flash servicevignette-delai-eclair-alesoirs
End-mills checklist flash servicevignette-delai-eclair-fraises
Drills checklist flash servicevignette-delai-eclair-forets

Diameter setting in 24H

We can make the diameter of your machine reamers (uncoated high-speed steel and carbide) with an ex-factory within 24 hours.

Shipping in the day

In order to respond to your needs as quickly as possible, we are committed to dispatching standard products in stock and ordered before 4 p.m. the same day.